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This is a small selection of real estate for sale in Patagonia, Chile. Please contact us for other properties.

About Real Estate Patagonia Chile

Real Estate Patagonia Chile is part of, Matt Ridgway's real estate consultancy. Chile Investments was established in 2007 and assists international clients who wish to purchase real estate in Chile.


Matt lives at his boutique winery in the Colchagua Valley, La Despensa Boutique, travels regularly to Santiago, and has visited almost every corner of Chile in his 11 permanent years in the country.


Prior to moving to Chile, Matt spent 3 years helping international investors through the perilous process of buying real estate in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and also lived for several months in Quito, Ecuador. He speaks fluent Spanish and completely understands the South American and, in particular, Chilean way of doing business.

Along with properties in Chile's stunning Patagonia region, Chile Investments can help you purchase apartments and houses in Santiago & Valparaiso, farms and vineyards in Chile. We assist with every step of investing in Chile, from legal representation, sourcing of properties for sale, banking and funds transfers, to design & construction of clients' homes.

Please feel free to contact Matt with any questions you might have.

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Why Invest in Patagonia?


Chilean Patagonia is one of the world’s most beautiful wilderness areas. A spectacular landscape, filled with stunning vistas, snow-capped mountains, temperate rain forest, lakes, rivers and glaciers. You’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else on earth as beautiful as Patagonia in Chile. 


Patagonia offers an opportunity to go back to how we used to live, a simpler life, based on community values, hard-work and sustainable living. Chilean gauchos still work the land just as they did generations ago, roaming the vast landscapes on horseback. Unparalleled fly-fishing opportunities abound. It’s both the romantic and practical idyll of your dreams. 


Values for real estate in Chilean Patagonia have been rising extremely rapidly over the past few years and are expected to continue their upward trajectory. Investors are attracted to the region for its stunning natural beauty and the understanding that owning a piece of Patagonia is owning a safe haven for the future. Patagonia will never suffer from lack of water and is perfect for a self-sustaining home, where you can grow and farm all you need to thrive and survive.


International and local tourism will play a larger and larger role in the development of Patagonia, bringing in further investment, infrastructure and helping prices continue to rise. There are already many successful lodges and hotels in the region, and more investment will certainly follow.

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Fundos Los Leones- Stunning Patagonian Coastal Retreat

One of Doug Tompkins first properties in Chile. A stunning example of true Patagonian coastal life.

900 hectares of land, direct water access & just 1 hour from the famed Carretera Austral.

Tourism & residential infrastructure, working farm & personal organic vegetable gardens.

Excellent, one of a kind property in Chilean Patagonia for tourism or personal use.

Valle California- Turn-key Patagonian Ranch Living

Real estate in Patagonia, Chile. Unlimited access to over 2,800 hectares of Patagonian wilderness and ranch in a unique community ownership model. An incredible opportunity to own a turn-key Patagonian ranch.

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